Is it about a kiss all the time

Or we can smile at each other

Is it how our your tongue moves

Through his body

Or a simple touch of

Hand is enough

Is it about how your body revolves

Or it matters how much your heart beats…….

Some circles had to have corners

But some corners are always cornered and always encircled

Your breath can hold someone only  for a moment

why someone can’t hold your breathimages (1) for a life

Happiness never restricts its ways

But surely we , “we” imprisoned ourselves in…..

Shruti attri


life is so blessed

life is so blessed
the thing is we
can’t have really guessed
when one hope is
about to end
there is always a bend
things appears how
we mould our shapes
geometry never does biasness
every angle is with you
it’we. , which figure you proclaims
a dead clock shows right time
then why we r not listening to our own voice
every moment has something to teach
every blessing has its own way to reach
what is in your right
will be someone’s left
it’s how u perceive
don’t stuck yourself to get breach
Don’t give up your hopes
your last step is not your last
have Faith, if it is last then it will last.
blessed you were yesterday
today is with you
will gear you tomorrow
like a glue